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Welcome To Supply Line

Supply Line offers a variety of products such as polyethylene zip-top reclosable bags, polypropylene zip-top bags, open end bags, tshirt bags, glue guns and glue sticks, tape dispensers and tape.

Zip-Top Reclosable Bags

Supply Line offers zip-top reclosable in polyethylene and polypropylene. We have a wide range of different sizes and styles of high quality reclosable bags. Styles that we offer are plain, hang hole, and hang hole with vent hole.

Open End Bags

Supply Line open end bags are lightweight and flexible, meaning they will protect your goods from dust and scratches. Our open end bags are available in many sizes and mil thicknesses.

Tshirt Bags

We offer tshirt bags that are easy to carry, durable, and light weight. We offer tshirt bags in many sizes and styles such as white & thank you, crystal clear, clear high density, and quilt store.

Glue Guns and Glue Sticks

We have a wide range of glue guns and glue sticks such as clear glue, skillet glue, heavy duty semi clear glue, and high strength glue.

Tape Dispensers and Tape

Our tape is pressure sensitive and meets UPS and USPS requirements. We also offer a hand held tape dispenser for applying tape faster.

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